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Proud, empowered – and in tune with your body

Welcome to a world of natural health solutions

With Kolorex derma creams and washes, you can manage your skin health naturally. From our new Kolsore Lip Ointment to intimate care – explore a fresh, world of natural options.
Choice,  Comfort and Confidence. That’s Kolorex.

Try a herbal-based option

From our bush to yours… The wonder-herb Horopito stars at the centre of all our products.

Take a proactive approach

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With Kolorex, you can take complete control – and care for your vagina proactively.

Achieve everyday wellness

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Keep the sensitive skin of your vulva feeling healthy and fresh with Kolorex’s pH balanced products.

Meet our ancient hero herb

Horopito is an ancient herb which naturally grows on the forest floor, under the canopy of our native rainforests.  For over 65 million years it evolved a unique talent for fending off forest fungal attackers, necessary to survive in a hostile environment.

Not surprisingly the plant was by the country’s indigenous Māori people for its astounding properties.

More recently, research has shed new light onto the breadth of Horopito’s abilities and it’s active bio-active ingredient, ‘Polygodial’, included in every Kolorex product.

Made by nature, backed by science for your natural wellbeing.

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An innovative New Zealand company

New Zealand brings more to the global stage than a phenomenal rugby team.

Using science to unlock the potency of Horopito, as an innovative New Zealand enterprise, we’re proud to bring the benefits of this incredible botanical to the world through our Kolorex range.

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