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Proud, empowered – and in tune with your body

Welcome to a new world of vaginal care

With Kolorex creams and washes, you can now care for your intimate areas – in a fresh, new way.
Choice. Comfort. Confidence.
That’s what you deserve. That’s Kolorex.

Try a herbal-based option

From our bush to yours… The wonder-herb Horopito stars at the centre of all our products.

Take a proactive approach

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With Kolorex, you can take complete control – and care for your vagina proactively.

Achieve everyday wellness

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Keep the sensitive skin of your vulva feeling healthy and fresh with Kolorex’s pH balanced products.

Meet our ancient hero herb

Kolorex is made from a special New Zealand plant called Horopito.

This ancient herb has phenomenal powers and is the hero in all our products.

Horopito has been around for more than 65 million years. Native to New Zealand, the plant was long prized by the country’s indigenous Māori people for its astounding properties.

More recently, research has shed new light onto the breadth of Horopito’s abilities. And now, the plant is a true game changer for women’s wellness.

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A proud Kiwi company

That’s right, us kiwis are bringing more to the global stage than hot springs and Lord of the Rings.

We’re also home to special plants, not grown anywhere else in the world, such as our magnificent Horopito.

As a proud Kiwi business, all our products are grown, manufactured and tested right here on our picturesque soil.

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