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About Us

It all started with research. Founder Peter Butler was a history researcher with a strong interest in New Zealand medicinal plants. Peter was researching the history of traditional use of herbs when he came across one herb that stood out, Horopito.

Our mission is simply, to take the benefits of Kolorex® Horopito to the world. Although founded in 1979, we started delivering on our mission in earnest in 1985, that’s more than 30 years of experience helping people in their fight against Candida.

In the early days of the Company, we sent a team around New Zealand to survey all the wild populations of Horopito, from one end of the country to the other. The results of the plant survey were unequivocal: some Horopito plants have up to five times higher activity than others, and it is these powerful anti-fungal Horopito plants that are sustainably harvested for use in Kolorex® products.

Kolorex® products are made with the power of our superior, highly potent Kolorex® Horopito variety and all Kolorex® products are made in beautiful, clean green New Zealand.

Have total peace of mind with Kolorex®, knowing our team is working to bring the benefits of Kolorex® Horopito from our farm in beautiful New Zealand, to you.

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